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Savannah Web (16)

Q. Do you offer a guaranteed turnaround time for your photos?
Many photographers keep their clients waiting many weeks (if not months) for their completed packages.
Here at Kristielle Amy Photography, I offer a maximum 2 week turnaround for viewing of session galleries. After clients have selected their images, I complete image editing and then order prints of their chosen images within 2 weeks. Once the products are delivered, they are packaged and ready for clients to pick-up within 2 days (Delivery available).

Q. Do you have a dedicated studio?
I have a beautiful natural light home studio, where most of my newborn sessions are held. I also shoot maternity and baby sessions in the studio.
Having a dedicated studio allows me to set-up prior to your session, making the most of our time in the studio. It also allows clients a wider variety of props and set-ups, as clients are always able to choose from my selection of in-studio props to incorporate into their sessions.

Q. Do you have updated CPR (Resuscitation) training?
I have current CPR certification.

Q. Do you have a working with children’s check?
For peace of mind, I have a current working with children’s check, which will be updated as is necessary.

Q. Do you use professional full frame cameras and equipment?
Many photographers use entry-level DSLR cameras with low resolutions, and unfortunately clients are often completely unaware that they are paying for an inferior product. You MUST insist your photographer have a FULL FRAME DSLR. This allows you the freedom to enlarge your photos to huge sizes while maintaining their sharpness.
I currently use a Nikon D800 and Nikon D810, which are both full frame DSLR’s offering superb quality images with extremely high resolutions, along with top of the range lenses.

Q. Do you have qualifications in photography?
Qualifications display a commitment to the craft and offer peace of mind for clients that they are hiring a skilled, professional photographer.
I have completed a Diploma in Photography.

Q. I LOVE your newborn artwork, do you offer mentoring for other photographers?
Seeking the services of a mentor is the fastest and most efficient way to learn the craft of newborn photography. It can literally wipe years off the learning process and save you from making many costly mistakes. I absolutely love to teach, and get so much satisfaction from seeing my students progress. For further information about my 1:1 newborn mentoring sessions, please click here.

Q. Do you have insurance?
All professional photographers should have Public Liability Insurance to protect you and your family if something unthinkable were to happen during your session.
Rest assured, I have Public Liability Insurance.

Q. You’re not the cheapest photographer around, what makes your work worth the investment?
Photographs of your loved ones are a lifelong investment… These moments in time disappear all too quickly, and beautifully captured images freeze these precious moments, allowing you to look back and remember every little detail in years to come.
The QUALITY of these images are extremely important. Like most things, you get what you pay for! High quality work is worth the investment. If price is more important, and you aren’t willing to invest your money in a great photographer, then the quality of the work is usually not going to be as high. Compare the images of different photographers, and decide for yourself. Who’s style is more ‘you’? Which images are posed and styled better? Which images are edited to a higher standard?
I aim to capture timeless images, free of ‘fad’ styling, and edited to the highest standard possible so in 20 years time you are still going to love your images… Long after the moments were captured, and long after you held your tiny newborn close to your heart, safe and snug in your arms…

Q. Do you use a professional print lab (available only to professional photographers) or just use your local consumer print lab?
The difference is huge! You should demand professional quality prints.
I print all of my products through professional print labs, ensuring top quality products and accurate colour. My computer monitor is fully calibrated to ensure colour and tonal consistency with these labs, and the quality is always superior.
Printing your images through local consumer labs, such as Big W, etc, will not provide you with the same quality image as those printed through the professional print labs I have trialed and chosen.

Q. Do you offer a professional range of products?
I offer prints, albums, canvases, wood photoblocks and birth announcement cards, all through professional print labs, to ensure the highest quality products to display your art.

Q. Do you edit the images using a professional quality, fully calibrated computer monitor to ensure colour and tonal consistency?
Most consumer-grade laptops and desktop monitors lack the ability to accurately match the colour and tone of prints; they are often too bright and are unable to display wide colour gamuts.  Professional monitors cost around $2500, and are fully calibrated to ensure colour and tonal consistency and to provide the best results possible. Those who do not edit using professional quality monitors which are fully calibrated will likely have images where the colour and tone of your prints will look drab.
I edit using a professional monitor which is fully calibrated in order to achieve the best quality artwork for my clients.

Q. Do you have a good reputation and quality testimonials?
Referrals and testimonials are a great way to gauge the professionalism and quality of work from a potential photographer. I pride myself on providing a happy, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for parents, along with my patience, love and care when handling your precious newborn baby. I aim to provide beautiful artwork for each and every client, and go above and beyond to ensure each client loves their final images.
A long list of client testimonials can be found on my website here.

Q. Do you provide a complete preparation packet so I can arrive fully prepared?
The prep packet is a guide for clients on what to expect during a Newborn or family Session. From what to wear, to how to prepare your new baby, it covers it all. This allows for a calm environment, as clients have prior knowledge of what will  happen during their session.
I provide a Preparation Packet for parents which you receive once baby has arrived, with all of the information necessary to ensure as smooth a session as possible. I also provide a Preparation Packet for family sessions which also includes a styling guide.

Q.  Do you specialize, or do you photograph everything?
Many photographers are a ‘Jack of all trades’. While they may be competent in many different forms of photography, a specialist focuses all of their attention on perfecting their chosen genre. For example, the skills required to beautifully capture Weddings are VERY different to those required for handling, posing and capturing Newborns.
I specialize in family photography (maternity, newborns, baby and outdoor family sessions). Capturing newborns is my passion – it is what drew me to photography in the first place! I have spent many hours honing my skills in this area; I have participated in mentoring workshops and e-workshops from some of the leading newborn photographers in the industry, along with investing a lot of time and money finding my ‘style’ and purchasing the appropriate props and equipment in order to provide my clients with these timeless images of their precious little ones.

Q. Do you offer wedding photography?
No. However if you would like some recommendations of the best wedding photographers in our area I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Q. How long have you been working with newborns?
I have been photographing newborns professionally since 2013; Before I was a photographer, I spent 9 years in the Childcare industry, working with children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 6 years. I am also a Mummy of two precious little boys, an Aunt to 5 nieces, 2 nephews, and I absolutely adore newborns!

Q. How far ahead should I book for a newborn session?
Popular photographers often book out months in advance. For this reason, booking while you are pregnant is the best way to ensure availability for your newborn session.
Due to the uncertain nature of delivery times, I will only take on a limited number of newborn sessions per month and allocate a session date once baby arrives.
Newborns are best captured between days 5-12, however I’ve consistently had success up to 8 weeks. The best time to book your session is in your second trimester to avoid missing out.

Q. Do you use composite digital imaging for unsafe poses?
Safety is paramount!
If there is an unsafe pose you or I wish to incorporate into your session, I will always put your baby first and ensure that we achieve the image safely, using digital composite editing to achieve the final image in post-production, along with having someone ‘spot’ the baby (never being more than an arms reach away, ready to steady baby if he/she startles).

I hope this has helped those of you who are researching potential Photographers, and I hope to have the honour of capturing your precious family in the near future…

Kristielle. X