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1:1 Newborn Mentoring

Full Day Mentoring (8am-5pm): $1250, lunch included.

Mentoring sessions are the perfect way to fast track your journey to becoming a professional newborn photographer. Bringing her relaxed and easy going nature, a mentoring session with Kristielle Amy offers a true one-on-one experience (unlike workshops!). Together, you’ll spend a full day covering all aspects of the craft without the distractions of other students. These sessions are completely customizable, allowing you the freedom to request tuition on those areas you feel you need it most. However if you would prefer, Kristielle can tailor the day to give a complete overview, covering all important aspects.

A typical day may include the following:

  • Studio tour including efficient studio set-up and equipment/prop overview.
  • Session preparation, including planning, styling and set-up for efficient flow posing.
  • Newborn posing techniques, including props, beanbag and flokati.
  • Baby wrapping techniques.
  • How to use light.
  • Camera angles.
  • Baby safety.
  • Studio family posing.
  • Overview of complete post processing workflow.

*Please note: There is a 200km exclusion zone around Kristielle Amy’s business based in Echuca, Victoria.

PS. If you arrive in Echuca the night before your session, Kristielle would love to get to know you over dinner!

"I was more than happy to drive over 4 hours to do a 1:1 mentoring with Kristielle as her photography is nothing short of breathtaking and I wanted to learn from the best. Kristielle went above and beyond to give me the very most from the experience. She made me feel very welcome and at home in her studio, and was incredibly accommodating. I learnt so much from working alongside Kristielle - the Group Workshops I’ve done in the past don’t even come close to the 1:1 with Kristielle - having her all to myself meant that she tailored the mentoring to my level of learning, my questions and my challenges. I left with a fire in my belly as Kristielle was so inspiring and I love that I can contact Kristielle anytime as part of on-going support. The 1:1 was just amazing and I can’t speak highly enough of Kristielle. It is such a fantastic investment!"

Ange Rae

If you would like more information about a mentoring session with Kristielle Amy, to book a session or arrange a consultation, simply fill out the enquiry form below and Kristielle will be in touch.